Trevor McBayne
Trevor McBayne

McBayne’s Construction & Renovation, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Mr. Trevor McBayne, who rose thru the ranks in the construction industry. He served as an apprentice, journeyman iron worker and construction superintendent. His experience in managing complex construction projects such as water treatment plants, multi-level apartment buildings, hotels and high-rise commercial properties provides the foundation for the company.

Mr. McBayne was educated in construction engineering and general construction. Licensed in North/Southeast United States McBayne Construction from the history we have developed the ultimate expertise of bringing projects in On Time and On Budget.

Church Builders of America grew from the visionary of Mr. Trevor McBayne and now serves communities throughout the Southeast United States.
Today our vision is to grow the company to new levels of expertise, serving clients with the same commitment to quality and service our clients deserve.